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What do you do when you find out you are dying with only a few months to live? When you’re artists like us, you go on one last epic adventure together. You live your best life and make every day count. This is the blog that was written in real time while traveling in India with my husband Scott Morgan. It’s an audacious story with a message that maybe there is something more for all of us beyond the veil of death. A few months miraculously turned into a year long journey. We met a cast of characters that included Bob Marley’s son Rohan, had our very own John & Yoko style bed-in Indian wedding, and became the subject of a documentary short that turned us into media celebrities with the Indian press for our Warhol-esque 15 minutes.

On an epic final adventure in India, my late husband Scott Morgan painted 200 watercolor paintings while dealing with his rapidly declining health. An epic journey requires an epic website—and I recently launched one with the help of our dear friend Maureen Farr of Mozelle Studio. The legacy site showcases a selection of giclee prints for sale from Scott’s traveling exhibition in India. These can also be purchased at the Art By Katy Gallery when you are in Stonington. Website has a portal page for the design scholarship founded by his design industry friends in his name. Eventually, the site will have an archive of paintings Scott created in the decades before going to Goa. I am also expecting to mount a traveling exhibition of his original work in coordination with a book tour (see Memoir Project below).

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Memoir Project

My current challenge is completing a memoir based on the blog. I’ve never written a full length book before. This extremely personal emotional journey is about the universal experience of love and loss and the power to live our best lives under difficult circumstances. My primary goal this summer is to finish this and get it published.