shakespeare in love

We have a wonderful theatre arts group here brought to us by the historic Opera House in the village of Stonington, Maine. They are currently preparing to put on “Shakespeare in Love” . I have two tiny vintage volumes of Shakespeare for sale at Art By Katy Gallery— I’m hoping that one of the thespians wanders in and can’t resist them. Meanwhile, here’s more info about the show from OHA’s newsletter blast:

Nothing says July at the Opera House better than rehearsals in full swing and the lupines on their own parade. We hope you've got your tickets for Shakespeare in Love (July 18-28), the perfect way to celebrate twenty years of Opera House Arts. Don't miss this heart-soaring play about finding freedom of the self through love; love of craft, love of another, love of community. The cast is hard at work making this playful story look joyous and easy. Their swashbuckling characters romp through theater-making in Elizabeth London-- and love, too! Did we mention love? Join them. Tickets are on sale here.

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